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Kits of motocross graphics are big business. There is no end to the amount of designs to put on bikes and it is possible to individually create them especially for you as well.. Some racers have preferences and some are happy with premade moto cross graphic kits. Others need to have decal designs on the bikes representing their sponsors that are sponsoring them.

At Speed Graffix, a family owned business, customers of motocross graphics enjoy meticulously taking part in designing their kits from the start up to completion, or otherwise having decals designed for them.

Motocross bikes and their owners

The riders must be good and the bikes in perfect condition. The decals on the bikes are confidence boosters and need to suit the personalities of the rider.

Motocross graphics construction is from material designed especially for tough riding, with LSE adhesive. The top coat has a roughish finish for long lasting, as it has to give protection against rider’s boots rubbing against the plastic. Overall, the graphics are made from materials that are very durable. Some riders like to design their own decals while others are happy to buy the motocross graphic kits that are readymade.


Speed Graffix prides itself on sponsoring teams of amateur riders at a national level and has now progressed to sponsoring top professional teams as well. On track days when the professionals are racing, the teams stand out with their custom dirt-bike graphic kits. Pit crew wear shirts and hats that are identical and even have the same Speed Graffix stickers on their toolboxes.

Amateurs when upgrading their dirt bikes with motocross graphics like to give the bikes a very professional look. For your bike makeover, you can use the same quality of decals as the top riders do.

Innovative ideas and designs

Speed Graffix is committed to excellence and constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to broaden its scope for motocross graphics. They do not only confine themselves to motocross but have expanded into other sections of the graphic industry as well.

The sport of motocross has grown tremendously over the past few years, and with it there have been many new graphic decal design firms springing up. In order to survive and stay on top of the market you really have to excel in this field. Speed Graffix is definitely one of the success stories of the time. They go out of their way to help their customers as much as they possibly can, especially with their motocross graphics designs.

There is a saying ‘look after your motocross bike and it will look after you’! This so true, the better condition you keep your bike in, the better it will perform.

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SpeedGraffix: Custom Motocross Graphics Applying graphics to your dirt bike is a very cost-effective way to give your bike an aesthetic upgrade. You can use the same quality graphics that the pros use, to give your bike an impressive makeover, update, or a unique edge that speaks to your unique style.

When it comes to choosing the gspeed graffix motocross graphics kitsraphics you want on your bike, there are literally an endless number of possibilities—from the prefabricated designs of the top manufacturer’s and sponsors, to designing a custom graphic to have fabricated specifically for your bike. Custom graphics can be collaborated with an artist/designer who specializes in custom graphics, or you can design them yourself, usually through a straightforward kit that can be sent directly to the fabricator.

Our graphics are made of extremely durable materials. If you find you would rather choose graphics that already exists, there are a number of kits that are ready made for your bike.

Regardless of which design you choose for your graphic, it is important that you follow the instructions in how to apply it to your bike, so as to insure the proper fit and longest life possible; this will protect not only the graphic, but your bike as well. The same amount of care taken in applying should also be taken in removing.

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